Advantages of Antivirus software

Some classes of program that helps to prevent detect and also remediate the malware infections on individual computing devices and in IT systems are known as Antivirus Software. The name antivirus was coined and given to some programs that are used to identify and remove a particular type of malware called a virus. Antivirus programs are used for preventing the infections caused by viruses, malwares, Trojan horses, spyware, ransomware and adware. In the marketing terms antivirus and antimalware are often used as synonyms. Most of the antivirus programs include an auto update feature that allows the user to download the files enabling the system to check for new threats. Antivirus programs are essential for all the computers but the process of selecting the antivirus software is very important. It searches the hard drive and external media attached to a computer for any potential viruses. There are two important approaches to virus detection are dictionary approach and suspicious behavior approach. In dictionary approach, the antivirus software checks a file and automatically refers to a dictionary of known viruses. The anti-virus software monitors the behavior of all the programs and flags any suspicious behavior. For instance, a program might be flagged when it tries to change the operating system or write to a certain directory.

Advantages of Antivirus software

Installing antivirus:

The antivirus tools are critical for users to have installed because a computer without anti-virus software installed will get infected within minutes when connected to the internet. The anti-virus companies will update the tools to deal with the more than sixty thousand new pieces of malware that are created daily. Most of the antivirus programs include automatic and also manual scanning capabilities. The automatic scan checks the files that are downloaded from the internet hard disks that are inserted into the computer, and the files that are created by software installers. The installed automatic scan software may scan the entire hard drive on a regular basis. The manual scan option allows scanning individual files or the entire system. Since new viruses are constantly being created by computer hackers, antivirus programs must keep an update database of the virus types. Since new viruses are frequently distributed, it is important to keep the software’s virus database up-to-date. Fortunately, most antivirus programs automatically update the virus database. Antivirus programs are available for various operating systems includes widows, Macintosh, and UNIX platforms, most antivirus software is for windows because most of the viruses are targeted towards window users.

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