Cloud Storage Appliances: What They Are And Who Provides Them?

There aren’t many individuals who are not familiar with the term Cloud Storage Appliances. Cloud Storage Appliances is a virtual machine, or a stand alone computer device, image that is used to move data from a specific local site to a remote Provider of cloud storage service.

These types of appliances are used for backup, primary, and archiving important data. When it comes to a cloud storage appliance service, this means that it includes an on-premise cache. It will then facilitate a tiered storage approach, and this will allow for a quicker access to data, that is the most recent and the most active, from the local system instead of the cloud system.

Data duplication and compression are also used with these appliances so that they are able to efficiently use the available bandwidth, which allows them to be able to move data as quickly as it possibly can.

Cloud Storage Appliances

The cloud storage appliances are provided by a hosting company, and these providers have the responsibility for keeping all of the data available, as well as, accessible. Organizations, and also people, have the ability to be able to lease, or buy, storage capacity from these specific providers, so that they are able to store user, application, or organization data.

A network server, or appliance, known as a cloud storage gateway, resides at the customers premises and is able to translate the cloud storage for them.

These gateways can enable organizations to move a network attached storage to a specific service provider. Then there are cloud resident gateways is a virtual appliance that resides within the cloud, and they are able to serve applications that have made their way into the cloud.

There are several different types of cloud resident gateways, that are used by companies and these companies are:

  • Avere’s
  • Amazon’s AWS Storage Gateways
  • CTERA’s
  • Barracuda Backup
  • EMC CloudArray
  • Microsoft StorSimple
  • F5 ARX Cloud Extender
  • NetApp
  • Panzura
  • Nasuni Filers

When you are looking for a cloud storage gateway, you will need to figure out which one of them you should choose. It all depends on the number of variables which means, the type of data you will be accessing, the size of the files, whether you are streaming or not, the randomness of your data access patterns, will they respond to automated tiering, whether you will be using the cloud storage for backup, finding out if data access and minimizing costs are more important, and if there are any regulated and auditing issues.

All of these different matters, will need to be decided by you to determine which type of cloud resident gateway you will want to use. all of this works together as a whole to be able to save, or transport, data safely, securely, and properly.

The only way to accomplish this in the proper way, is to make sure that you make the best decisions that you are able to when you are looking for that specific hosting website that will help lead you into the entire process of cloud storage appliances.

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